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Request for Research Proposals UNU-WIDER : Tax-benefit Microsimulation Analysis

Tax-benefit microsimulation analysis 

Deadline for proposal submissions is 26 February 2018 23:59 UTC+2.

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In order to improve the understanding of tax-benefit systems and their role in developing countries, and to increase the use of tax-benefit microsimulation models, UNU-WIDER invites proposals from qualified researchers for detailed economic analysis.

Request for research proposals

The specific objectives of this request for research proposals are to:

  1. Understand better the role of tax-benefit policy in developing countries regarding poverty reduction and inequality.
  2. Contribute to a better understanding of modelling behavioural effects within tax-benefit microsimulation models to inform the policy debate.
  3. Push the limits of tax-benefit microsimulation models in areas posing challenges specifically when applying tax-benefit microsimulation in a developing country context, such as the role of indirect taxes, informality, and tax evasion.

Researcher(s) are free to base their analysis on the microsimulation model of their choice, including but not restricted to the microsimulation models developed under the SOUTHMOD project, which are freely accessible for non-commercial research purposes here.

Proposals from individuals, groups of individuals, as well as non-profit organizations are welcome. Applications from suitably qualified early-career, female, and developing country researchers are particularly encouraged.

Proposal submission

The deadline for submissions is 26 February 2018. More information on the submission procedure can be found on the request for research proposals page.

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