Thursday, February 8, 2018

ICSSR Sponsored 7-Days Workshop on "Researching Subalternity in Social Sciences and Humanities" | 19-26 March, Tezpur University, Assam

ICSSR Sponsored Seven Days Research Methodology Workshop for Doctoral Scholars

Theme of the Workshop: Researching Subalternity in Social Sciences and Humanities

Dates: 19th-26th March 2018 

Organizer: Dr. Ambedkar Chair, Tezpur University, Assam

Objectives of the Workshop:
The concept of subalternity is relatively new and largely subtle. Therefore researchers involved with this theme needs to have comprehension about this and are to be equipped with ontology, epistemology, and methodology for researching subalternity (caste, tribe, feminism, and minorities) in social sciences and humanities. The proposed workshop is an attempt to contribute in terms of disseminating relevant information to the scholars about the theme. The broad objectives of the workshop are: (a) To facilitate and strengthen scholars involved in exploring subalternity; b) To disseminate comprehension of subalternity in social sciences and humanities to research scholars; c) To explain ontology, epistemology, and methodology (ies) for researching subalternity; d) Providing concurrence of subalternity with post-modern concepts as caste, tribe, gender, and minorities; e) Equipping scholars with qualitative methods supplemented by analysis of quantitative data; f) Giving empirical exposure from the field; g) Enabling scholars to prepare their final report, and make their findings conspicuous.

Last Date for applying: 20.02.2018

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