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CfPs RICE Institute Conference in Delhi Summer of 2013

RICE Institute Conference in Delhi Summer of 2013

Call for papers
Is 'malnutrition' about food?: Height and stunting in India and early life disease
Why are Indian children so short, compared with children in other countries?  Childhood stunting is often called "malnutrition," but is it really all about food?  Could other factors, especially early life disease, be an important part of explaining stunting among Indian children?  What is the role of sanitation?  Above all, should stunting be a policy priority, and if so what should be done about it?
In partnership with the World Bank Water and Sanitation Programme, SHARE at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and NCAER, rice is hosting a conference in Delhi in the summer of 2013, organized around these questions.  Papers from the conference will be published together as an edited volume.
Although we already have many invited papers and presentations lined up from experts from India and around the world, we're waiting to hear from you, too.  We have reserved some places in our conference and publication for the best submissions from an open call for papers.  We're especially interested in papers from early-career researchers and from scholars based in India.
If you want your paper to be considered for the conference and publication, please email it to by March 31st, 2013 with the subject Conference Submission.  Earlier submissions are welcome and encouraged.  We would be happy to respond with an indication of preliminary interest in abstracts received by December 31st, 2012, although an indication of interest is not a promise to accept a paper.
Note: Submitting a paper constitutes an agreement – if your paper is accepted – to publish it alongside other conference papers, to revise the paper according to reviewer comments, and to present the paper at the conference.  If your paper is accepted, we will pay for your intra-India travel to the conference and hotel accommodation during the conference.  Submitting a paper is not a guarantee that it will be accepted.

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