Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CfPs: National Seminar on Women's Role in Climate Resilient Agriculture & Sustainable Development, Gujarat, 4-5 Oct

National Seminar on "Value Added Science Awareness to Strengthen Women's Role in Climate Resilient Agriculture & Sustainable Development"


Venue: Navsari Agricultural University, Gujarat


Dates: 4-5 October 2012 (Tentative)


Seminar Themes

  • Climate resilient and sustainable agricultural practices and management of animals / livestock
  • Use of principles of science and simple technology / tools to reduce drudgery
  • Recent and emerging Improved Agri tools and techniques
  • Communication techniques to reach out to Women with all levels of education


Paper Submission

Papers to be submitted before 15th September 2012 to Dr. Kirit Shelat [Mobile: 9525037406] on drkiritshelat@gmail.com. Travel expenses up to Rs. 3000/- will be paid to the participants whose papers have been selected. 


Seminar Outcomes

Women for Climate Resilient Agriculture: A Compendium on Opportunities, Approaches and Impacts – An Indian Perspective

Context: India's mission on climate resilient agriculture proposes extensive training and capacity building of farmers to assess and develop locally relevant mitigation and adaptation strategies. The present proposal to develop a Compendium alongwith Documentary Films, Flipcharts and Posters for Women farmers towards "use of scientific methods, Climate Resilient & Sustainable Agriculture" is to assist India's initiatives deliver appropriate information, aligned with the objectives of the mission. The specific focus is on Women in farming including crops & horticulture and animal management including poultry. The outline of compendium is as follows. However, it will be firmed up after above Seminar – and deliberations and suggestions made therein will be incorporated. However, work will be initiated simultaneously.


Further Details

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