Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Article "Foresight Activities in the Indian Biotechnology Firms" by Pallavi Singh and Pranav N. Desai

Foresight Activities in the Indian Biotechnology Firms

By Pallavi Singh and Pranav N. Desai

Asian Biotechnology Development Review, 2012, 14(2), pp. 39-66


Abstract: The present article explores the status of technology foresight activities in Indian biotechnology firms ill the context and framework of sectoral innovation. It deals wit h the current uses and practices of technology foresight conducted by biotechnology firms with a particular view to the possible contributions to innovation that foresight activities might bring in an entrepreneurial context. Furthermore, the article also explores whether the perceived usefulness of different foresight methodology differs with the sector and size of a firm. With the growing advancement of knowledge based economy, the knowledge of research, development and technologies has become a driver for economic progress and stimulus for social transformation which gives manifold dimensions to decision making of the technology driven industry. This phenomenon has made technology foresight activities all the more significant.


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