Saturday, September 4, 2021

Fwd: Contribution for the International Handbook of Disaster Research

Dear Scholars 

Greetings from the editorial team of  Handbook on Disaster Research!

This is the first handbook on the subject being published from Asia Pacific nonetheless, comprehensive, holistic, and comparative in its global perspective. It will bring together information, studies, and explorations in the field of disaster research beyond science deterministic approaches to a more transdisciplinary and holistic discipline. While 12 specific key areas have been broadly identified yet it contains around 52 sub-areas with gender, race, caste, hierarchies, indigenous communities, disability, and modern assistive, as well as robotic technological innovations, are swiped through every section as unavoidable pillars of sensitized studies.

Kindly take a look at the attachment and respond back with your abstracts as stage one towards this mega international publication. The deadlines given in the attached information sheet have now become sacrosanct after our long lockdown from human gregariousness.

Kind regards & best wishes

Amita Singh
Professor Amita Singh
International Handbook of Disaster Research
Springer-Nature, Singapore

Dr. Gaurika Chugh
Managing Editor

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