Thursday, June 24, 2021

[apeid.higher_education.bgk] Ideas and feedback welcome -- External evaluation of UNESCO's work on Inclusion in Education

Dear Colleagues,

Warm greetings to all from UNESCO Bangkok. We hope you are safe and well during hard times!

Below is a request for help with a UNESCO external evaluation (globally). Please feel free to respond and circulate.

The UNESCO Internal Oversight Service (IOS) Evaluation Office with the support of an independent external consultant team from ‘Ockham IPS, Netherlands' is currently conducting an evaluation of UNESCO Education Sector's work on Inclusion in Education.


In order to take stock of achievements so far, as well as to explore the potential for strengthening the UNESCO Education Sector’s work with a focus on inclusion as well as for enhancing inclusion mainstreaming in education, this survey is designed to collect information on how UNESCO Member States and external stakeholders (UN and other partners, experts, donors, and other stakeholders) perceive UNESCO’s work and its role in the area of inclusion in education.


Your input is therefore of significant value for the evaluation and you are cordially invited to participate in the evaluation survey for external stakeholders, which will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Your responses will be collected anonymously and will only be analyzed and presented at an aggregated level. All data will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.


Kindly note:

When we refer to inclusion in education in this survey, we refer to the idea that: "Every learner matters and matters equally"
Working on inclusion in education is regarded as a process that helps overcome barriers to the presence, participation and achievement of all learners.



Please access the survey by clicking on the link here.


The deadline for completing this survey is Sunday 25 July , 2021. 


Should you have any technical problems or questions, please feel free to contact Mr Gert-Jan Lindeboom from the evaluation team at or Ms Syreen Forest  at the UNESCO Internal Oversight Service, Evaluation Office at


Thank you in advance for your participation.

With kind regards,

The UNESCO Internal Oversight Service (IOS), Evaluation Office




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