Monday, June 10, 2019

New Book "Digital Transactions in Asia: Economic, Informational, and Social Exchanges"

Digital Transactions in Asia: Economic, Informational, and Social Exchanges
Edited by Adrian Athique, Emma Baulch; Routledge, 2019, ISBN: 9781138353961.

Description: This book presents a comprehensive overview of transactional forms of the digital across the Asian region by addressing the platforms and infrastructures that shape the digital experience. Contributors argue that each and every encounter mediated by the digital carries with it a functional exchange, but at the same time each transaction also implies an exchange based on social relationships for the digital age. In capturing the digital revolution through case studies of economic, informational, and social exchanges from across the larger Asian region, the book offers a richly contextualized and comparative account of the pervasive nature of the digital as both a medium for action and a medium of record.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Digital Transactions in Asia | Adrian Athique, University of Queensland
Part 1: Platforms, Infrastructure and Regulation
Chapter 2: Zhejiang's Digital Dream | Michael Keane and Huan Wu, Curtin University
Chapter 3: Information Infrastructure and Platform Anxieties in India | Pradip Thomas, University of Queensland
Chapter 4: Recalibrating China in a Time of Platforms | Tom O'Regan and Nina Li, University of Queensland
Chapter 5: Demonetization: India's Year of Living Digitally | Adrian Athique, University of Queensland
Chapter 6: Another Dimension: 3D Printing and Intellectual Property in Asia | Angela Daly, Queensland University of Technology, Jiajie Lu, Dongguan University of Technology and Luke Heemsbergen, Deakin University
Chapter 7: Digital Rights in Asia: Rethinking Regional and International Agendas | Gerard Goggin, Michele Ford, Fiona Martin, Adele Webb, Ariadne Vromen and Kimberlee Weatherall, University of Sydney
Part 2: Financial, Social and Cultural Transactions
Chapter 8: Embedding Digital Money Amongst Chinese Migrant Factory Workers | Tom McDonald, University of Hong Kong
Chapter 9: The Digital State: A Tale of Tweets and Foods in Contemporary India | Rajiv K. Mishra, Jawaharlal Nehru University 
Chapter 10: 'Skill-Makers' in the Platform Economy: Transacting Digital Labour | Cheryll Soriano and Joy Hannah Panaligan, De La Salle University
Chapter 11: Self As Enterprise: Disability and Digital Entrepreneurship in China | Haiqing Yu, RMIT Melbourne
Chapter 12: Resilient Love: Intimacy, Surveillance and (dis)Trust in Metro Manila | Jozon Lorenzana, Ateneo De Manila University
Chapter 13: Chinese Transcreators, Webtoons and the Korean Digital Wave | Brian Yecies, Aegyung Shim and Jack Yang, University of Wollongong
Chapter 14: Insurrectionary Tendencies: The Viral Fever Comedies and Indian Media | Akshaya Kumar, IIT Indore
Chapter 15: Hijabers on Instagram: Visualising the Ideal Muslim Woman | Emma Baulch and Alila Pramiyanti, Monash University Malaysia

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