Monday, February 11, 2019

CSD Training workshop on Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences: Ethnography, Narratives and Social Stories | 11-15 March

One week programme on Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences: Ethnography, Narratives and Social Stories
11-15 March 2019
Venue: Council for Social Development, Lodi Estate, New Delhi
Organized by Council for Social Development, New Delhi; G B Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad; & Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India
Last Date of Application: 28 February 2019

This workshop will critically examine the practices in social science researches on India society, which often miss out the nuances of social plurality. Most of the existing qualitative research methods are based on Western anthropology or ethnography, which have limitations for understanding Indian society that has some unique characteristics, apart from the plurality of caste and communities and diversities of regions. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a training in qualitative research methods to capture the pluralistic nature of Indian society. This workshop will orient the researchers to explore their own eyes to understand Indian society in the context of locale and indigenous veracity.

Session 1: Understanding qualitative research and Specificities of Indian society
Session 2: Preparing the researcher for qualitative research and introducing different methods
Session 3: Selecting the field: deconstructing the debate of own society vs. others societies
Session 4: Relating with field: blurring the boundaries of outsider and insider
Session 5: Field research: selection of respondents; family tree and biographical notes of respondents; retrieving the memories; semi structured and un-structured interviews (Baat-se-baat methodology); focused group discussions (FGDs) to validate the facts and fill in the incomplete stories; field diary, notes and queries of observations; capturing the silence, murmuring, half sentences
Session 6: Data analysis: transcription; reading the field notes; inclusion of left out resources (proverbs, folk stories and songs); content analysis and discourse analysis; understanding the casteorality
Session 7: Visual representation of qualitative data
Session 8: How to write social stories

Course Contribution: Rs 3,000/- (three thousand) per participant for kit bag, course material, lunch and refreshment. The participants will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation.
Last Date for Nomination/application: 28 February 2019

Contact for further information or any clarification: Please contact: Dr. Susmita Mitra, Assistant Professor, Council for Social Development, 53 Lodi Estate (KK Birla Marg), New Delhi, 110003 | E-mail: susmita[@] Telephone: +91-11- 24615383 (ext 220) | Dr. Archana Singh, Assistant Professor, G B Pant Social Science Institute, archanaparihar[@]

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