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CfPs: 4th National Conference on Economics of Competition Law, 2019

4th National Conference on Economics of Competition Law 

New Delhi, 1st March 2019 

Call for Papers
The Competition Commission of India (CCI) will organize the 4th National Conference on Economics of Competition Law on 1st March, 2019 in New Delhi.

Objectives: This conference aims to:
  • Stimulate research and debate on contemporary issues in the field of economics of competition law.
  • Develop a better understanding of competition issues relevant to the Indian context.
  • Draw inferences for implementation of competition law in India.

Who should participate? The conference targets economists including scholars, practitioners and competition agency officials with a keen interest in economics of competition law and policy.

Submission of papers: A 1000-word abstract of the paper including research questions, methodology and expected results along with one-page curriculum vitae and contact details should be submitted initially. Authors of selected abstracts will then be invited to submit full original papers of not more than 5000 words.

The Conference is expected to cover a wide range of related themes. However, papers in following themes are encouraged:
1. Market definition, measuring market power and abuse of dominance: Issues like empirical methods of defining markets, measuring market power, and assessment of exclusionary unilateral conduct etc. may be covered among others. 
2. Vertical restraints and competition: Vertical restraints can have many pro-competitive as well as anti-competitive effects. Papers may explore areas such as resale price maintenance, assignment of exclusive territories or exclusive dealing, tying and bundling and circumstances under which these restrictions have anti-competitive effects.
3. Horizontal agreements and cartelization: Prohibition of collusive conduct of firms is a key component of competition law. Papers may explore issues such as economics of collusion, information exchange, price signaling, facilitating factors for cartels, detecting and discouraging cartels etc.
4. Economics of platform markets and challenges for antitrust enforcement: New digital products and business models as well as the special characteristics of digital markets have created new challenges for enforcement and competition policy. Papers may explore new tools and techniques that the discipline of economics offers for assessing competition issues in platform markets. 
5. Intellectual Property Rights and competition law: Competition law will be concerned not with the legitimate exercise of an IP right, but with efforts of the holders of this right to expand the scope, either to new products, or beyond a certain time or by conditioning access to the right on restrictions. Papers may explore areas of recent concerns in the IP- competition law interface.
6. Price and non-price effects of mergers: Economic analysis is playing an increasingly important role in merger review. Papers may focus on recent developments in estimating the effects of mergers (merger simulation, diversion ratios, pricing pressure indices, etc.), innovation effects and welfare effects of mergers including vertical or conglomerate mergers, issues in the use of appropriate remedies, that is, adoption of structural and/or behavioral remedies.
7. Any other issues related to competition policy and law.

Conference fee: There is no conference fee.

Post-conference publication: Depending on the quality of submissions, some papers may be considered for publication by the CCI. Given the limited time available for presentation at the conference, some exceptional papers not selected for presentation may also be considered for inclusion in the publication or the electronic compendium to be placed on the CCI website.
Financial support: Deserving speakers may be considered for financial support.

Venue: New Delhi, India

Important dates and deadlines: 
1. Last date of submission of abstracts | 15th August 2018 23:00 hrs IST
2. Review, Selection and intimation | 1st October 2018
3. Last date for submission of full papers | 1st December 2018
4. Review and Finalization of papers | 1st February 2019
5. Conference date | 1st March 2019.

Selection of themes and speakers: The CCI will have complete discretion in deciding the themes of the sessions based on the responses received as well as in selecting the speakers. Papers based on empirical research that can inform enforcement and policy are encouraged. 

Contact us: Abstracts along with CV may be sent to Requests for further information or any other queries may also be sent to this email id. 

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