Sunday, March 18, 2018

Audio Recording of CSSP Talk "Altmetrics: Price's Legacy Meeting Garfield's Dream" is now available

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 Altmetrics: Price's Legacy Meeting Garfield's Dream


Dr Bidyarthi Dutta

Delivered on Wednesday, 14th March 2018.

 Abstract: In his classic masterpiece, Little Science, Big Science and Beyond, De Solla Price foresaw the hitherto future paradigm shift in the world of science. He observed a logistic growth pattern in basic sciences. This pattern was undergone through several transitions with the introduction of some empirical laws of Bradford, Lotka et al. Meanwhile, a new signal brought the new resonance over the world of scientometrics, i.e. Garfield's discovery of Citation Indexing Systems. Merton's contributions on Sociology of Science unveiled another canvas to make the then scientometrics picturesquely rational. The introduction of open access movement since mid-eighties, Google, Wiki, Social networking et al brought paradigm shift on traditional or classical scientometric scenario. Today's Scientometrics needs a comprehensive interpretation in terms of all its basic components, i.e., today scientometric study is mostly used on determining academic evaluation metrics. Now, no evaluation metrics could be static in terms of its basic components, hence the scientometric study should be more dynamic. Its components should be changed over different time in different contexts. Its thus the high time to begin new and new experiments on this area.     

About the Speaker: Dr Bidyarthi Dutta is an Assistant Professor at Vidysagar University, West Bengal. He has special interests in scientometrics and history of science.

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