Thursday, November 23, 2017

GIAN Short Course "Technology, Urban Space and Culture: Emerging Paradigms for Global India" at IIT Kharagpur | 8-13 December

Technology, Urban Space and Culture: Emerging Paradigms for Global India
Venue : IIT Kharagpur
Duration : 08-12-2017 to 13-12-2017

The inter-related or densely overlapping forces of technology and urbanity have transformed human "cultures" beyond familiar recognition. In such a scenario the emerging paradigms of the spiraling globality of the Postcolonial India will rest on how effectively they appropriate and negotiate with this technology and its "differential expressive molarities". However the need of the hour is to find out whether there could be any indigenous, "non-western approaches", resistances and responses to technetronic globality intertwined with the neo-liberal ideology and imperial schemas of the West — hence the course puts emphasis on culling the nuanced "Non Western" and Indian responses to the neo-liberal ideologies of the Western postcolonial Empire The question that it finally aims to ask is whether there could be ways of spiritualizing or affectualizng technology, a technology that is not controlled by "market mandarins" and does not work solely for profit and produces what is called "capitalocenes", but works for enhancing the potencies of the "bio-sphere" 

A: Theorizing the Mecanosphere : December 8-December 9
B: Cultures of Postcolonial agency and its limits: December 10-December 11
C The Indian responses: December 12-December 13

Number of participants for the course will be limited to 30.
• You are a Research scholar or a Fellow pursuing your Doctorate or M Phil from Academic Institutes and your Research Area is concerned with using Continental, Postcolonial and Indian Epistemic Constructs and Theoretical Lenses to address Socio-Cultural Issues
• You are a MA MTech Student or a Faculty from academic institutions/Universities interested in Critical Humanities and Liberal arts
• You are a Cognoscenti, Writer, Intellectual, Member of the Intelligentsia or some Industrial House interested in and likely to benefit from Critical Theory, Philosophy, Art and Literature, Politics, Socio-Cultural concerns or Interdisciplinary Mode of Research Who Should Attend 

The Faculty 
  • Professor Ian Buchanan is currently the Director of Social Transformation Research, University of Wollongong, Australia. Prof Buchanan has published on a wide variety of subjects across a range of disciplines, including literary studies, cultural studies, communications studies and philosophy. He is the founding editor of "the international journal of Deleuze Studies".
  • Professor Ashis Nandy works in CSDS, New Delhi and his research interest centers on the political psychology of violence, cultures of knowledge, utopias and visions, human potentialities and futures. Nandy is a Distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Postcolonial Studies, Melbourne. Nandy received the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2007 and was chosen as one of top 100 public intellectuals in the world in 2008.
  • Professor Sundar Sarukkai is currently a professor in The National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. His research interests include philosophy of science and mathematics, phenomenology and philosophy of language and art, drawing on both Indian and Western philosophical traditions. He has been a Homi Bhabha Fellow, Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies at Shimla.
  • Dr Saswat Samay Das is an Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social sciences, IIT Kharagpur, India. He carries out research in critical Theory, postmodern and post-colonial studies and continental Thinking. 

The participation fees for taking the course is as follows:
Participants from abroad : US $500
From Industry/ Research Organizations within India: 20000
From Academic Institutions within India: 3500
No Participation fee for the students or MPhil PhD research scholars of Institutes/Universities/Colleges 
The above fee include all instructional or Course materials. The participants will be provided with accommodation on payment basis.

Course Co-ordinator
Dr Saswat Samay Das, Phone: 03222-283610, 9434019044, Email:

Registration Process: 
Registration for GIAN courses is not automatic because of the constraints on maximum number of participants allowed to register for a course. In order to register for one or multiple non-overlapping courses, you have to apply online using the following steps: 
1. Create login and password at
2. Login and complete the registration form.
3. Select courses
4. Confirm your application and payment information.
5. Pay Rs. 500 (non-refundable) through online payment gateway.
The course coordinators of the selected courses will go through your application and confirm your selection as a participant one month before the starting date of the courses. Once you are selected you will be informed and requested to pay the full fees through online payment gateway service.

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