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[apeid.higher_education.bgk] Comparative Education Review - Book review for Recalibrating Careers in Academia

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We are pleased to share with you a book review for Recalibrating Careers in Academia: Professional Advancement Policies and Practices in Asia-Pacific (2017).


We are particularly pleased to have this increased visibility as part of the 20th Anniversary of UNESCO's Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel (1997). Below, please find an excerpt from Comparative Education Review.


We welcome your feedback and future involvement with our research and capacity building efforts.


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From the above synthesis, all the chapters are well organized and offer an informative portfolio of professional advancement policies and practices in Asia-Pacific regions. Closely related with the purpose of the research, this volume begins with a brief illustration of the UNESCO 1997 Recommendation and the framework of the following chapters, clarifying the research approach. Combined with the introduction to higher education development in a country/region, each chapter describes the concrete elements of the system and examples, based on which relevant issues are analyzed. With historical and comparative perspectives, this volume is easy to follow, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the contents.


However, the case studies should have included more dimensions. For example, as academic freedom plays an important part in sustaining higher education, in those countries where teaching personnel are civil servants and higher education is under government's firm control, the issues that could occur are not fully discussed. This review has emphasized the external requirements for academics' advancement, but "preparation for the profession, individual rights and freedoms, as well as the role of external peer review in performance evaluations" (16) remains an area for further analysis




Recalibrating Careers in Academia:
Professional advancement policies and practices in Asia-Pacific

Bangkok: UNESCO, 402 p.

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ISBN: 978-92-9223-573-4 (print version)
ISBN: 978-92-9223-574-1 (electronic version)






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