Monday, November 6, 2017

[apeid.higher_education.bgk] APQN-INQAAHE Survey

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For your information, please find two survey links below from APQN-INQAAHE.


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Topic: Survey of Internal and External Quality Assurance Landscape


Dear All:

Greeting from APQN Secretariat!

The establishment of genuine quality culture both in internal quality assurance (IQA and external quality assurance (EQA) is the guarantee of sustainable quality for the next-generation quality assurance in higher education.

In order to improve the establishment of quality culture in the Asia-Pacific Region as well as the regions in the whole world, APQN-INQAAHE jointed to carry out a survey titled "Quality Assurance: Internal and External Quality Assurance Landscape". The survey consists of two surveys: the IQA survey is for higher education institutions (HEIs); the EQAA survey is for quality assurance agencies (QAAs).The questionnaire is made up of the following 5 parts: 1) the Operations and Impacts of Internal/External Quality Assurance; 2) National Qualification Framework (NQF); 3) Quality Assurance of Doctoral Programme; 4) Quality Assurance of Distance Education; and 5) Quality Culture.

Please click the following linkage to fill in the questionnaire:

EQA Survey for QAA

IQA Survey for HEIs:

We appreciate your active participation in this survey. Great thanks for your support and contribution!

APQN Project Group

APQN Secretariat

Oct.25, 2017


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