Monday, October 16, 2017

CfP: International Conference on Econophys-2017 & Asia Pacific Econophysics Conference (APEC)-2017

International Conference on Econophys 2017 & Asia Pacific Econophysics Conference (APEC) 2017 
November 15-18, 2017
at Jawaharlal Nehru University / Delhi University, New Delhi, India

About the Conference
Welcome to the International conference on Econophysics & Sociophysics. Economic and financial markets appear to be in a permanent state of flux. Billions of agents interact with each other, giving rise to complex dynamics of economic quantities at the micro and macro level. With the availability of huge data sets, researchers can address questions at a much more granular level than was possible earlier. Fundamental questions of aggregation of actions and information, coordination, evolution of economic and financial networks have received significant importance in the current research agenda of the Econophysics literature, Parallely, Sociophysics literature has focused on large-scale social data and their inter-relations. The proposed empirical approach is a leading contender to find patterns in data, which can be very short-lived. In this meeting, we focus on questions and models to analyze such economic and social behavior.

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