Tuesday, August 15, 2017

[apeid.higher_education.bgk] Dr Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok

Dear all,


It is with great sorrow that we have to share this extremely sad news. On Friday 11 August, Dr Gwang-Jo Kim, Director of UNESCO Bangkok, passed away in South Korea. The tragic news has been more than a shock to us all here at UNESCO Bangkok.


We are preparing a message book to be signed by anyone who wishes to do so. If you wish to join the initiative, please send your messages individually to the (eisd.bgk@unesco.org) by 21 August. All messages will be included in the book and will be conveyed to Mrs Kim and family. 


GJ was a caring and supportive leader for all of us in the Office. We will miss him terribly, but he always wanted us to be happy - so we can make others happy. We will try to be strong even during this difficult time.  

Thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.




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