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[apeid.higher_education.bgk] Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2017 - Call for nominations

Wenhui () Award for Educational Innovation 2017

Innovations in the Professional Development of Teachers



Call for nominations

We demand a lot from our teachers. We want them to have strong subject and pedagogic content knowledge, possess effective classroom management skills, readily adopt new technologies, and be inclusive and sensitive to the diverse needs of their students. No longer simply transferring information to learners, teachers are expected to create a conducive environment to facilitate learning and prepare their students for a rapidly changing world. We have these demands because the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers and the quality of teaching.


Great teaching needs a lot of practice to deepen teachers' knowledge base and skills. Great teaching can and must be nurtured through high-quality training and continuous learning. This is why professional development is critical.


The theme of the 2017 Wenhui Award, Innovations in the Professional Development of Teachers, aims to draw attention to the importance of the professional development of teachers. This is in line with SDG 4-Education 2030 Agenda and UNESCO's vision of education to provide and enhance quality learning opportunities for all, particularly to those most disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized, by focussing on innovative professional development of teachers.


Two individuals or institutions from the Asia and Pacific region will be selected by a jury of distinguished educators. The winners will each receive a Certificate of Excellence and prize money of US$ 20,000. Certificates of Merit may also be awarded to individuals or institutions that have demonstrated commendable innovative practices.


More information is available in the Wenhui Award Brochure. The Application Form and Consent Form can be downloaded from the Award website:



Important dates

Closing date for nominations  21 July 2017

Announcement of winners      End of September 2017

Award ceremony                    To be confirmed


For further information, contact:


Wenhui Award Secretariat

UNESCO Bangkok

920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong

Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Tel: (66-2) 391-0577

Fax: (66-2) 391-0866




The Wenhui () Award for Educational Innovation, established by the National Commission of the People's Republic of China for UNESCO, and coordinated by UNESCO Bangkok, aims to recognize the contributions of educators and institutions which have optimized the potential of education and the human innovative spirit to address and resolve pressing issues and problems facing our world today.

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