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CSSP Talk on "Idea to Innovation: A Real Story from an Inventor" by Prof. Man Singh, CUG | 8th February, at 2:30 p.m.

Centre for Studies in Science Policy

School of Social Sciences, JNU

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Talk on

Idea to Innovation: A Real Story from an Inventor


Prof. Man Singh

School of Chemical Sciences, Central University of Gujarat, India

Venue:  Room No. 227, 2nd Floor, SSS-1

Date:    Wednesday, 8th February 2017

Time:   2:30 p.m.

Abstract: Idea is like a seed which grows to establish new landmarks as a new state of art which offers valuable solutions along with new standards in the relevant domain. The concept of theme thought theory becomes a real acid test of an inventor in launching the specific invention in service of society. In search of new science, a journey and experience of transforming an idea of Survismeter, NOSIA, Oscosurvismeter, and Friccohesity into reality has been an unbearable history of events to push forward the wheel of unbelievable hurdles. Currently the said new models of science have occupied a centre stage and have successfully been saving the valuable laboratory and human resources. Competently a live dynamics of the timeline had transformed all the odds into opportunity in developing new scientific products in areas of solution chemistry, pharmaceutical, biochemical, biophysical and nano-sciences in a most authentic manner. The sequence of events right from dreaming and pursuing, nurturing, experimenting for validation, calibration from NPL, patenting, commercialization, and acceptance by users have been the most difficult phases. The experiences and phases which have been encountered and emerged during an implementation of the integrating the new idea to new workable science will be shared in the lecture.

About the Speaker: Dr. Man Singh is a serial inventor and experienced innovator for commercialization of 4 out of 10 inventions. His commercialized inventions are Survismeter with Borosil Ltd, Visionmeter with Ana Lab Instrumentation, NOSIA (non-breakable sodium ignition apparatus) with BDH Laboratory and Scientific Equipments, Kuwait and Econoburette with Loba Chemie-Glasco Pvt. Ltd. He has been granted 2 international patents and 2 Indian patents. He has 10 pending international patents. He has 150 papers published in International Journals. Currently, he is a Professor and Dean at School of Chemical Sciences, CUG Gandhinagar. He started his academic career in the Department of Chemistry, Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi. He obtained his Doctoral degree from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, in year 1987. He has guided dozens of M.Phil and PhD students in University of Delhi and did postdoctoral work from School of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan. He is credited with several research projects from DST, UGC, Ministry of Environmental Sciences GOI, DAE-RRCAT, DRDO. He worked as associate professor Bahir Dar University Ethiopia from 1999-2001. He was Visiting Professor UKSW (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw) Poland since September to November 2015. He is working in areas of Molecular Interaction Engendering of nanomaterials like graphene functionalization, dendrimer, and ionic liquids. He has founded several equations and concepts. Friccohesity as dual force theory correlate cohesive and frictional forces of molecules. NOSIA (non-breakable sodium ignition apparatus), Econoburette, Visionmeter, Tentropy, and Mansingh Equation and Mansingh Constant have been his effective breakthroughs. He has availed several academic assignments in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, and Pakistan. He can be contacted at


All are welcome to attend the lecture.

Coordinator, CSSP Lecture Series

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