Friday, February 3, 2017

CfPs National Conference on Sustainable Human Development: Opportunities and Challenges | 28 February | CUG Gandhinagar

National Conference on Sustainable Human Development: Opportunities and Challenges

28th February 2017

Venue: Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, India

The Central University of Gujarat in collaboration with Gujarat Social Infrastructure Development Society is organizing one day national conference on Sustainable Human Development - Opportunities and Challenges. Eliminating human deprivations and disparities in human progress is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals, which re-emphasises on the commitment to improving the living conditions and opportunities for every individual in the world by 2030. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals would transform the status of human development. The universalism of life claims, is the common thread that binds the demands of human development today with the requirements of development tomorrow, especially environmental preservation and regeneration. The strongest argument for protecting the environment, from a human development perspective, is to guarantee future generations a diversity and richness of choices similar to those enjoyed by previous generations. Human development and sustainability are thus essential components of the same ethic of the universalism of life claims. The conference would look at the issues related to human development in India. The key indicators of human development present and evolve over the time and diverge both across and within the states. Some of these issues and themes considered most important for human development are social sector development, competence, justice, sustainability and human security. The conference is intended to be a forum for sharing best practices and strategies for sustainable human development. It would also provide an opportunity for interaction and networking with academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, government officials and policy makers, NGO and industry representatives, and others working in the area of human development and sustainable development in India.

Call for Papers
Authors are invited to submit original and innovative papers to the national conference. The authors are encouraged to submit full text papers in the following broad thematic areas. 
1. Demographic Issues and Human Development
2. Security and Sustainable Development
3. Gender Issues and Human Rights
4. Measurement Issues in Human Development Index
5. Socio-Economic Development and Human Development
6. Social Development and Sustainable Development
7. Sustainable Development and Rural and Social Transformation
8. Sustainable Development and People at the Margins
9. Community Participation for Rural Employment & Livelihoods
10. Social Management & Human Development
Submissions in English language are invited from participants on any theme listed above or related areas in any of the following categories: Research Papers / Case Studies | Work-in-Progress: Notes on any completed or ongoing research project | Commentaries & Reports on emerging issues or techniques.

Abstract Submission: February 7, 2017 | Notification of Acceptance: February 10, 2017 | Full Paper Submission : February 15, 2017 | Note: we strongly recommend early submissions to allow enough time for a review and feedback in case there are changes to be made. Submissions should be sent as MS Word attachment by email to: Submissions received after the deadline or/and in a format different than specified will NOT be considered. 

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