Friday, September 9, 2016

CfPs: Seminar on Land Rights, Changing Agrarian Relations and Rural Transformation | Hyderabad | 14-15 October

National Seminar on Land Rights, Changing Agrarian Relations and Rural Transformation
14-15 October 2016
Organized by: Centre for Agrarian Studies, National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, India

Call for Papers
NIRDPR invites scholars working in the relevant areas to submit papers (6000-8000 words), on the themes and sub themes of the seminar. Submit full paper by 30th September 2016 with an abstract. Authors of papers who will be shortlisted for presentation at the seminar will be communicated. Paper presenters will receive travel support as per NIRDPR norms and as per requirement and need. Communication may be sent to Dr. K. Suman Chandra, Professor & Head, Centre for Agrarian Studies email:;; Mob: 09848997643.

The broad themes and sub-themes include the following:
1. Structural and Institutional Dimensions of Indian Agriculture
a) Agrarian Structure: Changing Size-Class and Caste Scenario
b) Changing Nature of Land-based Rural Power Structure
c) Rural Landless and Land Poor and Land Development Policies
d) Potential Land Resources (Public and Private) for Improved Land Access
2. Access to Land and Land Rights
a) Appraisal of Redistributive Land Reforms and Access to Land
b) Tribal Land Rights Alienation of Tribal Land and the Forest Rights Act
c) Women's Rights to Land
d) Growth and Nature of Tenancy and Tenant Rights
e) Land Conflicts and movements
3. Policy and Institutional Interventions
a) Displacement, Dispossession, Resettlement and Rehabilitation
b) Cooperatives, Farmers' Producer Organisations (FPO), Self-Help Groups and Access to Land
c) MGNREGS and the Development of the Small-Marginal Farms.

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