Sunday, April 17, 2016

JNU CSDE Workshop on "Ethnography of the Marginalized: A Critical Inquiry" | 27-28 April | CfPs

Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion
School of Social Sciences-I

(Funded By ICSSR)

organising a workshop on

Ethnography of the Marginalized: A Critical Inquiry
27-28 April 2016

Contemporary ethnography, as a research practice, is used across disciplines to explore various aspects of people's everyday lives and their meaning-making processes. Its commitment to in-depth research over sufficiently long periods of time has enabled exploration of phenomena as diverse as sports, marriage, caste, sexualities, aging, virtual worlds and innumerable other social and political practices. As an embodied process that allows researcher's empathetic involvement and even immersion in the social life being studied, ethnography can have a privileged access to socially marginalized groups; and therefore is specifically suited to understand many visible and invisible processes of marginalisation. Many ethnographic studies - on caste, Dalits' life worlds, urban and rural poverty, slums, class violence, partition memories, socio-economic marginalisation of tribal communities - reflect the relevance of this approach in foregrounding the experiential, emotional and covert meanings of discriminations.

This 2 day workshop will include panel discussions and lectures by the academics, round table discussions and presentations from students. This intensive program will bring together students and scholars to conceptualise, rethink and critically interrogate the ethnographic practices used to explore the voices of the marginalised. It will enable students to get feedback on their ethnographic perspectives, practices and experiences. Although the workshop is open to all students, there are limited spaces for the participants who would like to present their papers. In this respect, we invite a one page write up on the topic of your presentation and the suitability of your work for this workshop.

The deadline for submission is 23 April, 2016. Selected participants will be informed through email. Please send your write up and a CV to

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