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UNESCO/Calendar/February-March 2016


Calendar for the press


February and March 2016 ————————————


Note to editors

For safety reasons, accreditation is mandatory for journalists wishing to cover each event at the headquarters (Contact: Laetitia Kaci– 01 45 68 17 72, l.kaci@unesco.org)





2nd to 4th February

Symposium on sea-level observation

French-language symposium on sea-level observation organized by the French Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO in the framework of the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) activities. It is intended for the entire Francophone community interested in the theme of sea level observation: tide gauge network operators, researchers, scientists.

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5th February

News organizations standing up for the safety of media professionals

UNESCO organizes an international conference “News organizations standing up for the safety of media professionals” for the decision makers of news organizations, especially the owners, publishers, and editor-in-chiefs. It aims to provide news organizations with a platform to discuss existing and new measures aimed to strengthen journalists’ safety worldwide and engage with Member States on these issues. The conference is organized in accordance with UNESCO Executive Board 196/Decision 31 which requests the Director-General to convene high level representatives of news organizations from all regions, including community media and small media outlets  in order for them to share good practices on the safety of journalists and more proactively highlight the issue of journalist safety.

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16th to 18th February, Room IV

Thematic Expert Consultation meeting on sustainable management of the World Heritage properties of religious interest

Thanks to the support of Bulgaria, a cycle of Regional Thematic Consultations towards the elaboration of the above-mentioned thematic paper will be launched at UNESCO with a first thematic expert consultation meeting focused on Mediterranean and South-Eastern Europe. The main objective of the meeting is to discuss draft recommendations aimed at developing the general guidance.

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17th February, Room IX

First Meeting of the Working Group on governance, procedures and working methods of the governing bodies of UNESCO

In accordance with 38C/Resolution 101, the first meeting will designate its Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons, agree on its terms of reference, and define the agenda and detailed timetable of its future work. The implementation of recommendations 1, 11 and 13 of the External Auditors report on the governance of UNESCO (documents 197 EX/28 Rev. and 38 C/23), as recommended by the Executive Board at its 197th session (197 EX/Decision 28), will also be among the first items to be reviewed by the Working Group.

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21st February, Room XI

International Mother Language Day 2016 

UNESCO reiterates its position on the importance of appropriate languages of instruction, usually mother tongues, in early years of schooling: formal and non-formal education must deliver quality education for all learners by taking a multilingual approach, which has great potential for achieving development goal 4 of the Agenda 2030.

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7th to 11th March, Room II

Mobile Learning Week 

Mobile Learning Week is UNESCO’s flagship ICT in education conference. The 2016 event will shed light on the ways technology can be leveraged — in different contexts and for different groups — to improve the quality of education now and in the future. The theme of Mobile Learning Week 2016 is “Innovating for quality”.

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17th to 18th March, Room VIII

60th IPDC Bureau Meeting

The Bureau Members meet in order to decide on media development projects to be supported in 2016. Discussions on issues linked to IPDC's action to promote media development will also be organized.

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Field offices


10th to 11th February, Paris 16th (France)

Netexplo Forum 2016 

The Forum will highlight some of the most promising global innovators in digital technologies today, who are inventing new forms of education, communication, information, solidarity and management around the globe. Their innovations impact on the way the public and private sectors reflect on development, dialogue and diversity, and they influence the elaboration of new strategies and programmes.

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16th February, Oslo (Norway)

Norwegian launch of "World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development: Special Digital Focus 2015"

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26th to 27th February, Monaco (Monaco)

Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS)- Ordinary Session and Joint Meeting with the Permanent Consultative Council (PCC)

This CIGEPS session will focus on the preparations of the sixth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport, MINEPS VI, with three main agenda items: (i) development of a common framework for the follow-up to the Declaration of Berlin and the International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport; (ii) presentation and exchange of good practice, (iii) main actions to be approved: priorities & feasibility.

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14th to 17th March, Lima (Peru)

4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves

The objective of this Congress is to review implementation of the Madrid Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves 2008-2013, the Seville Strategy and the Statutory Framework of 1995. The Congress will assess lessons learned and new challenges faced by the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and will develop and launch an Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves for 2016-2025.

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16th to17th March, Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Launch of the TERCE Gender Study 

The Launch will allow participants to learn on the TERCE findings on gender and gender disparities.  Also, a workshop will take place to develop capacities of teachers and policy-makers to address gender disparities.

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22nd March, Geneva (Switzerland)

World Water Day and launch of the United Nations World Water Development Report 2016 

The launch of the World Water Development Report 2016 is at the core of the World Water Day celebrations. The theme of the Report has been aligned with the one of the World Water Day, that this year is Water and Jobs. During the event the main findings of the WWDR 2016 will be revealed to the audience and to the mass media. Hard copies of the Report and its related materials will be distributed.

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Press contacts


Publishing: George Papagiannis – Tel.: 01 45 68 17 06, g.papagiannis@unesco.org

TV/Radio/Photo : Carole Darmouni – Tel. : 01 45 68 17 38, c.darmouni@unesco.org


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