Thursday, January 7, 2016

Globelics Book "Natural Resources, Innovation and Development"

Natural Resources, Innovation and Development
by Allan Dahl Andersen, Bjørn Harold Johnson, Anabel Marín, Dave Kaplan, Lilia Stubrin, Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Raphael Kaplinsky
Globelics/ Aalborg University Press, 2015, ISBN 9788771123678.

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In this Globelics Thematic Review, the author team presents and discusses recent research on the relationships between natural resources, innovation and development, and suggests some implications of this body of knowledge for policy makers. The Review sets out to explore three interlinked questions with a particular focus on innovation and industry dynamics. First, to what extent is it currently possible for a country to develop on the basis of natural resources? Second, what are the main underlying mechanisms of resource intensive development paths? Third, how can such mechanisms be supported politically? The Globelics review considers a range of contemporary and historical studies and diverse theoretical positions concerning resource intensive development paths. The intention is to make it easier for analysts and policy makers to learn both from countries that in the past have succeeded in transforming their natural resource wealth into long-term development and from recent obstacles to resource intensive development encountered by some developing economies. The review furthermore considers whether a resource intensive development path is more or less environmentally sustainable than other forms of industrial specialization.

The purpose of the Thematic Review is to inspire future Globelics research and to influence policy. However, there is no intention of giving specific advice to donor and development organisations about the conduct of development aid and design of development strategies in the field of natural resources and development. The intention is merely to offer practitioners insight into an innovation perspective on development on the basis of natural resources. We hope that this review may inspire the design and development of new and effective policies for innovation systems and strategies for development.

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