Saturday, October 17, 2015

Useful Altmetrics Papers

Useful Altmetrics Papers
  • Neylon, Cameron, and Shirley Wu. "Article-level metrics and the evolution of scientific impact." PLoS biology 7.11 (2009): 2459. [Most read #altmetrics paper to date]
  • Thelwall, M., Haustein, S., Larivière, V., & Sugimoto, C. R. (2013). "Do altmetrics work? Twitter and ten other social web services". [Most cited #altmetrics paper to date]
  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). Research Evaluation Metrics [Open Access for Researchers, 4]. Paris: UNESCO, ISBN: 9789231000829. Download. [UNESCO OER curricula ]
  • Das, Anup Kumar; Mishra, Sanjaya (2014). Genesis of Altmetrics or Article-level Metrics for Measuring Efficacy of Scholarly Communications: Current Perspectives. Journal of Scientometric Research, 3(2): 82-92.

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