Friday, August 7, 2015

New Open Access Articles in Current Science, Institutions and Economies & ALIS

New Open Access Articles:

  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). UNESCO Launches Open Access Curriculum for Young and Early Career Researchers. Current Science, 109(3), 400-401.
  • Abstract: This article narrates the background of UNESCO Curriculum titled "Open Access for Researchers" which was launched on 16th March 2015. This Open Access Curriculum contains five modules for capacity building, awareness raising and sensitizing young and early career researchers affiliated to research laboratories or higher educational institutions across the world.

  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015). Skills Development for SMEs: Mapping of Key Initiatives in IndiaInstitutions and Economies, 7(2), 120-143.
  • Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to critically examine national skills development initiatives in India as the country embarks on building skilled manpower to meet the demand of SME sectors in the coming decade. This paper identifies two national level programmes namely, National Skill Development Mission (NSDM) and National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) which are implemented by an array of organisations in PPP (public-private partnership) mode. National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), a major actor for NSDM, has identified 21 high-growth sectors and formulated action plan for skills development in those sectors. NRLM's Aajeevika Skill Development Programme and its sub-schemes ensure skills building of rural youth and help them in coming out of poverty. This paper identifies how skills building of rural youth will lead to job-diversification and lift them out of poverty through placement-linked skills-based jobs. This research paper analyses key national skills development initiatives and how the federal government is making efforts to build skills of marginalised communities as well as helping SME sectors and high growth sectors in bridging projected skills gaps.

  • Das, Anup Kumar (2015)Mapping of University Presses in India: Pattern of Knowledge Production and DisseminationAnnals of Library and Information Studies, 62(2), 57-67.
  • Abstract: This paper presents the current status of university presses in India, and how they are interlinked with their prestigious fellowship programmes and academic research. Indian university presses were identified from DELNET union catalogue of books. Their publishing patterns are studied based on MIS reports available or generated from their respective websites. The paper also analyzes global visibility and availability of produced knowledge through institutional and external web catalogues, e-commerce sites and utilization of book promotion avenues. It is found that, as of now, Indian university presses don't publish e-books. Many of these presses don't even have a dedicated website for disseminating detailed bibliographic information on available titles.

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