Thursday, June 25, 2015

Current Science Opinion "Evaluating the claims of ancient Indian achievements in science"; by Mayank Vahia, TIFR

Current Science Opinion
"Evaluating the claims of ancient Indian achievements in science
 by Mayank Vahia, TIFR
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Current Science, 108(12): 2145-48.

Abstract: Orthodox, value-neutral dispassionate study of the workings of nature that we broadly call sciences is under a threat as never before. The pattern of scientific research in India that the greats of Indian science set up after independence is being systematically questioned in today's India. One of the axioms of the post-independence formulation was that modern science and technology (with a forward outlook to its utilization) was the way to the future. For this, both research in science and technology (S&T) was crucial and was well supported, but its path was left to the judgement of scientists with guidance from international scholarship. This has served the nation well. Today, there is hardly a field of international research where India does not have some expertise of value. However, having spread ourselves thin, it also means that most research requires international exposure to nourish itself. This too was reasonably well served. Today, scientists working in contemporary science have deep connections with the world scientific community. This is good for Indian and international science, but to people with blinkered vision this also makes Indian scientists stooges of Western science who are not Indian enough in their patriotism and commitment.


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