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CfPs: 3rd Pan IIM World Management Conference on "India: The Next Decade"; 16-18 Dec; IIM Indore

3rd Pan IIM World Management Conference on "India: The Next Decade"
16-18 December 2015
Venue: IIM Indore, India

About The Conference
The third Pan-IIM World Management Conference at IIM Indore offers an exciting opportunity for professionals, academicians, policy-makers and thought leaders to share their contributions in various disciplines of management, preview current research, initiate collaborative efforts, and grow professional networks. Spurred on by the success of the conferences in Goa (2013) and Kozhikode (2014), the Indian Institutes of Management have once again come together to create a forum where the best minds from India and across the world can map the future course of management thought and practice. The three day conference, organized with support from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, promises a rich mix of research presentations, invited lectures, workshops and plenary sessions. The resultant synergy is sure to set the tone for a slew of forward thinking ideas.

Growth and Development in a Fast-Changing Global Environment
The last few decades have seen India emerge as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Companies from the Indian IT/ITES sector are recognized worldwide for their quality and delivery, and India is the preferred destination for technology outsourcing. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi's recent call to "Make in India" has enthused the industry and focused attention on strengthening the manufacturing sector through innovation and productivity enhancement.
India remained insulated from the aftershocks of the recent recession stimulating interest in the strength of the Indian domestic market and the monetary management practices adopted by India. With growth in its semi-urban and rural markets signalling a robust growing economy and acceleration in e-commerce adoption redefining markets, India is on the threshold of introducing new models of sustainable development. The new models of sustainable development can address the demand for new approaches in dealing with problems arising from widening regional differences and inter-country disputes.
Industries and firms across the world are in a state of flux-with established large companies re-inventing themselves to compete with nimble small companies that dominate new technology arenas. For countries as well as firms, the strategies of yesteryears may not be appropriate in the next decade which calls for new strategies, paradigms and practices. Our focus, therefore, is on new practices and policies for growth in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment with a special emphasis on India.

Submissions of conceptual/empirical research papers in management and allied disciplines are invited from academicians, students and practitioners for oral and poster presentations. Authors are encouraged to submit papers on the conference theme and the following sub themes from any functional perspective.
    Competitiveness in Manufacturing and Services
    Economic Growth, Development & Inclusiveness
    International Trade and Investments
    Financial and Capital Markets
    Risk Management for Countries, Regions and Firms
    Emerging Forms of Businesses and Industries
    Strategies for Growth in an Uncertain Environment
    Leadership for the Enterprise of Tomorrow
    People Management in and Uncertain World
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Ethical Business Practices and Corporate Governance
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Global Operations and Sustainability
    Communication Challenges in Multicultural Organizations
    Engaging with the Consumer in a Digital World

Special Interest Group Tracks: IIM Indore has launched Special Interest Groups in particular areas of interest to provide faculty and students a forum for collaborative knowledge creation and research. We invite research papers pertaining to the following Special Interest areas:
    Rejuvenating MSMEs
    Doing Business in China and India
    The Aviation Industry
    Frugal and Inclusive Innovation
    Economic and Social Development at the Regional level
The sub-themes mentioned above are only indicative in nature and authors are encouraged to submit papers on topics that dovetail with the theme of the conference. Papers not directly related to the conference theme, but representing cutting-edge management thinking or research methods, are also welcome. A maximum of three papers (single authored/co-authored) may be submitted by a participant. All papers will be subject to blind peer review before acceptance.

Selected papers will be considered for awards in the Best Paper, Best Doctoral Student Paper and Best Poster Presentation categories. Selected papers will also be considered for publication in a peer-reviewed special issue of the Indore Management Journal. Extended abstracts of all papers will be made available as part of the conference proceedings.

Important Dates
    30 Jun, 2015 - Submission Closes
    1 Sept, 2015 - Communication of acceptance
    15 Sept to 15 Nov, 2015 - Early Bird Registration
    10 Dec, 2015 - Registration Closes
    15 Dec, 2015 - Professional Development Workshops
    16-18 Dec, 2015 - PAN-IIM Conference commences

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