Wednesday, May 27, 2015

EPW Special Article & EPW Commentary

EPW Commentary
Immunisation Coverage in India: An Urban Conundrum
by Purnamita Dasgupta and Rajib Dasgupta, CSMCH, JNU
EPW, L(21): , May 23, 2015

Abstract: This article examines the decline in coverage levels of the Routine Immunisation Programme in the better-governed states across three rounds of the District Level Household and Facility Survey. The analysis points to an urban conundrum where proximity to urban centres is a "risk factor." An understanding of peri-urbanisation processes is essential for improving outcomes and governance in urban health services and the National Urban Health Mission.

EPW Special Article
Cast(e) on the Hill: 'Divine' Power, Social Cohesion and Hierarchy in Himachal Pradesh
by Surinder S Jodhka, CSSS, JNU
EPW, L(21): , May 23, 2015

Abstract: Caste has often been viewed as a system of hierarchy based on the religious ideology of the Hindus with a common structure across the subcontinent. Based on an extensive empirical study of Himachal Pradesh, this paper shows how caste actively articulates with the given realities of ecology, economy and the local histories of political regimes. Even though inequality and untouchability exist, their structures have specific regional forms. While it documents the everyday practices of faith and their local specificities, the ethnographic accounts presented in the paper also have implications for our understanding of Hinduism in the present-day context.

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