Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Call for Essays: Studying Internet in India

Call for Essays: Studying Internet in India
As Internet makes itself comfortable amidst everyday lives in India, it becomes everywhere and everyware, it comes in 40 MBPS Unlimited and in chhota recharges – and even in zero flavour – the Researchers at Work (RAW) programme at the Centre for Internet and Society invites abstracts for essays that explore what it means to study Internet(s) in India today.
We are interested in the many experiences of Internet(s) in India; its histories and archaeologies; how we use it to read, write, create, relate, learn, and share; the data that is produced, and the data that is consumed; the spaces that are created, and the spaces that are inhabited; the forms that political expressions take on the Web; and of course, where and how should one be studying Internet(s) in India?
This call is for researchers, workers, and others interested in closely – or from a distance – commenting on these topics and questions.
Please send abstracts (200 words) to raw@cis-india.org by Sunday, April 26, 2015. The subject of the email should be 'Studying Internet in India.'
We will select up to 10 abstracts and announce them on Friday, May 01, 2015.
The selected authors will be asked to submit the final longform essay (2,500-3,000 words) by Sunday, May 31, 2015. The final essays will be published on the RAW Blog. The authors will be offered an honourarium of Rs. 5,000.
We understand that not all essays can be measured in words. The authors are very much welcome to work with text, images, sounds, videos, code, and other mediatic forms that the Internet offers. We will not be running a Word Count on the final 'essay.' The basic requirement is that the 'essay' must offer an argument – through text, or otherwise.

Further Details: http://cis-india.org/raw/call-for-essays-studying-internet-in-india

Vacancy for Policy Associate (Internet Governance)
The Centre for Internet and Society is seeking an individual with a strong background in legal research and policy work to be part of our Internet governance (IG) programme. This position deals with freedom of expression and Internet governance at both the national and international levels.
Note:This is a full-time position, based out of Bangalore (strongly preferred) or New Delhi. There is currently one vacancy for this post.
The candidate must have the following skills:
  •     Knowledge of Indian and international law on freedom of expression and strong background in Internet governance.
  •     Demonstrable research skills.
  •     Strong communication skills and media-savvy, with the ability to convey complex legal issues clearly to a general audience.
  •     Public-speaking skills, and willingness to travel both nationally and internationally.
  •     Ability to lead the programme in setting the goals for the programme, as well as the strategy.
  •     Ability to work independently.
Preferred characteristics:
  •     Educational background in public policy or law.
  •     A pre-existing network of contacts with policymakers, media, etc.
  •     Experience in working with the government.
To apply, please send your résumé to Pranesh Prakash (pranesh@cis-india.org) and Sunil Abraham (sunil@cis-india.org) with two writing samples related to freedom of expression and Internet governance of which at least one demonstrates your analytic skills, and one that shows your ability to simplify complex policy issues. Governmental rules prohibit us from hiring foreigners for this post. The deadline for applications is Sunday, May 10, 2015.

Further Details: http://cis-india.org/jobs/policy-associate-internet-governance

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