Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NBR Report "Innovate in India: Global Perspectives on the Continuing Evolution of India's IP Policy"

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NBR Special Report

Innovate in India

Global Perspectives on the Continuing Evolution of India's IP Policy


The National Bureau of Asian Research

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi works to return India to high rates of economic growth, he has notably prioritized the "Make in India" campaign to build up India's domestic manufacturing sector, engaging both indigenous and international firms in the process. Yet at a policy level, the success of this campaign will partly depend on how quickly India can strengthen its intellectual property (IP) regime.

In this NBR Special Report, Roy Kamphausen (NBR) argues that stronger IP protection will reduce business uncertainty and increase investor confidence, benefiting both Indian stakeholders and the international community. While over the past year, the Modi administration has taken important first steps to address the country's IP policy challenges, more needs to be done. The report examines India's IP and innovation environment and presents policy options for India, the United States, and the international community.

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About the Author

Roy Kamphausen is a Senior Advisor at the National Bureau of Asian Research.

Related Initiative: India's IP and Innovation Policies

This program aims to examine efforts to strengthen innovation environments in India and highlight recommendations for public policy in the United States, India, and globally. Over the course of 2014-15, NBR is commissioning research with leading scholars across the globe; convening ongoing dialogues with representatives from industry, policy, and research; and holding a series of high-level workshops and events across the Asia-Pacific and in Europe.

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