Friday, February 6, 2015

Download EJOLT Reports and Case Studies on Environmental Justice around the World

Download EJOLT Reports and Case Studies on Environmental Justice around the World

EJOLT Report 1: Industrial Waste Conflicts around the World: Case Studies from India and Bulgaria: Shipbreaking and Incineration. 2012. Download

EJOLT Report 2: The CDM Cannot Deliver the Money to Africa: Why the Carbon Trading Gamble Won't Save the Planet from Climate Change, and How African Civil Society is Resisting. 2012. Download

EJOLT Report 3: An Overview of Industrial Tree Plantations in the Global South: Conflicts, Trends and Resistance Struggles. 2012. Download

EJOLT Report 4: Legal Avenues for EJOs to Claim Environmental Liability. 2012. Download

EJOLT Report 5: Issues in the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. 2012. Download

EJOLT Report 6: Towards a Post-Oil Civilization: Yasunization and Other Initiatives to Leave Fossil Fuels in the Soil. 2013. Download

EJOLT Report 7: Mining Conflicts Around the World: Common Grounds from an Environmental Justice Perspective. 2012. Download

EJOLT Report 8: Guide to Multicriteria Evaluation for Environmental Justice Organisations. 2013. Download

EJOLT Report 9: Digging Deep Corporate Liability: Environmental Justice Strategies in the World of Oil. 2013. Download

EJOLT Report 10: The Many Faces of Land Grabbing: Cases From Africa and Latin America. 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 11: International Law and Ecological Debt. 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 12: Expanded Nuclear Power Capacity in Europe, Impact of Uranium Mining and Alternatives. 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 13: Socio-Environmental Valuation and Liabilities. What Strategies for Environmental Justice Organisations? 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 15: Uranium Mining, Unveiling the Impacts of the Nuclear Industry. 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 16: Economic Tools for Evaluating Liabilities in Environmental Justice Struggles. 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 17: A Legal Guide for Communities Seeking Environmental Justice. 2014. Download

EJOLT Report 18: Ecological Debt: History, Meaning and Relevance for Environmental Justice. 2014. Download

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