Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New CSSP Electronic Working Paper "Globalization of Ayurvedic Medicines: An Analysis of Issues in Resource Management"

CSSPEWPS 5 :: Globalization of Ayurvedic Medicines: An Analysis of Issues in Resource Management
by N.B. Brindavanam (Dabur Research & Development Centre, U.P., India), January 2015.

Ayurveda largely enumerated botanical entities as active pharmacological agents for preventive healthcare as well as for therapeutic purposes. In view of poly-pharmaceutical practices followed by the system, the number of usable medicinal plants is also significant. To available estimates, 960 species of medicinal plants are being used for manufacturing of these formulations. By and large, these plants are sourced from wild- more in particular from forest sources. On the other hand, there have been ambitious endeavor to globalize the Ayurvedic products and services. Such endeavor is reasonably assumed to pressurize the existing sources wild medicinal plants. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the impact of globalization on the biological diversity and thereby on our eco-systems as whole.
An attempt is made in this paper to analyze the issues associated with resource management for medicinal plants. Further, it attempts to outline a multi-dimensional intervention needed to capture the economic opportunities through globalization of Ayurveda.
Download Full-text PDF: http://www.jnu.ac.in/SSS/CSSP/CSSP-EWPS-5.pdf

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