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CfPs: International Conference "Is Science able to explain the Scientist? (Science and Scientist 2015)"; April 17-18, at Kathmandu, Nepal

International Conference "Is Science able to explain the Scientist? (Science and Scientist 2015)"

Dates: April 17-18, 2015

Venue: Buddha Hall, Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati, Kathmandu, Nepal

Organized by Bhakti Vedanta Institute,USA; Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Institute, Siliguri, India; DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati, Kathmandu, Nepal; and Department of Biotechnology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Call for Papers

The main goal of this 'Science and Scientist' annual conference series is to provide a platform for the academic, scientific and industrial community to cultivate the proper spirit of inquiry for understanding 'Life and Its Origin' using science based progress in their respective research areas. This conference aims at bringing leading Biologists, Engineers, Scientists and Academicians together to discuss the limitations of reductionist or mechanistic determinism in modern science.

The major realization in 21st century biology is the recognition that all living organisms are sentient (i.e. cognitive) entities and they are to be regarded as much subjective as objective. Nobel biologists Barbara McClintock, George Wald and other prominent scientists had come to this realization from their own experience in experimental research. In this century a major milestone must be the Cambridge declaration about consciousness during First Francis Crick Memorial Conference held at Cambridge University in 2012. Prominent biologists in this conference agreed that all human as well as nonhuman animals are also cognitive entities. Scientists like Robert Lanza, James A. Shapiro, Michael Denton and others have published books and research articles based on scientific evidence emphasizing that life requires cognition at all levels. The other realizations are that DNA has more of a participatory and cooperative role in the holistic milieu of non-random cellular functions rather than any foundational and central role in the actual living process. Mechanistic foundations have not been able to define the 'origin of life' and biological evolution, 21st century biology seeks alternatives. Twenty first century biology is not afraid to talk about cognition and consider that universe must be bio-centric. Modern Science is confirming Vedantic concepts that 'Life comes from Life' or biogenesis; and 'Matter comes from Life'. If biological research can be based on these two observable facts then it will be possible to solve the persisting problems that beset all our concepts of evolution and 'origin of life'.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for "Science and Scientist 2015" we would be pleased if you would send a suitable scientific paper for the conference "Science and Scientist  2015". Last year "Science and Scientist 2014" conference was attended by leading scientists from premier institutes like the IITs, AIIMs, TIFR, CCMB, Tribhuvan University and so on. We are looking forward to a much more magnified participation in "Science and Scientist 2015".  

Your presence at the conference will be a great inspiration for the prominent scientists to cultivate the honest scientific approach towards the proper concept of Nature. Conference talks will be promoted with advertising in the news releases, interviews, and other advance communication with major media outlets in India and Nepal, including television show hosts. We will publish accepted papers in the conference proceedings.

Further Details: http://scsiscs.org/conference

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