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CfPs: AISC 2014 on Power, Resistance and Justice in the International System: Perspectives from the South; 21-23 December; at JNU, India

Annual International Studies Convention 2014 (AISC 2014):: Power, Resistance and Justice in the International System: Perspectives from the South
21-23 December 2014
Venue: Convention Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Supported by: Public Diplomacy Division - Ministry of External Affairs; Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)
Organised by School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), in partnership with various universities.

Call for Papers
The Academic Committee for AISC 2014 invites papers on the theme: Power, Resistance and Justice in the International System: Perspectives from the South. Convention
Some of the panel themes for the Convention are as follows:
01. Southern Theorisations as Resistance
02. Identities on the Move: Ethnic, Religious, National, Transnational and Diasporic
03. Democratization: Rhetoric, Reality and the Promise
04. Environment: Mainstream and Alternatives Perspectives
05. Peace, Power and Resistance: Cross-Country Theorisations
06. India's Foreign Policy: Challenge or Convergence
07. Gender and International Relations
08. Religion and International Relations
09. Interdisciplinarity and International Relations
10. Social Movements and Globalization
11. Arab Uprisings: Persisting Issues
12. Imperialism in the 21st Century
13. International Labor Movement Today
14. Reflections on 1914
15. Global Law and Global Justice
16. International Relations and International Law: Intersecting Disciplines
17. Migration as Resistance
18. International Institutions Today: Democratic or Hegemonic?
19. Culture and Resistance
20. Geographies of Resistance
21. Borders as Sites of Contestation
22. Globalization and Human Rights
23. Changing Nature of International Political Economy
24. Changing Conceptions of Power
25. Transformations in the World Order
26. Sustainable Energy for All
27. Asian Energy Security Structure and India's Strategic Engagement
28. Crisis of Security State in West Asia: Contextualizing the Rise of ISIS
29. Regional Orders in a Globalizing World
30. Civil Society as an Agent of Resistance
31. Emerging Powers and New Coalitions in International Relations
32. Evolving Notions of Development and the Idea of Justice
33. Natural Resources and the Global Commons: Concepts of Sharing and Burden Sharing
34. International Trade and the Manifestation of Power
35. A New International Organizational Architecture for the World: Issues of Power and Justice
36. Geopolitics as a Determinant of Power
37. State-Market Interaction and the Interplay of Power in the International System

We invite papers under the aforementioned panels as well as entirely new panels and paper proposals that resonate with the overall theme of the convention. Paper proposals should be accompanied by a 400 word abstract and panel proposals by a 200 word description. If you want your paper to be considered under any of the above panels, kindly mention it at the time of submission. This is not required if you are proposing an entirely new panel or a paper proposal pertaining to the general theme of the conference rather than a specific panel. Participants may present no more than one paper. In case of joint papers, kindly specify the co-authors right at the outset while submitting the abstract.

The deadline for sending in paper abstracts is 10th October, 2014

Please submit your paper abstracts online HERE:

Panel theme proposals can be submitted online HERE:

You will receive a reply to your submission as soon as the review process is over, not later than first week of November 2014.

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