Friday, June 13, 2014

Journal Paper "Status and Prospect of Research and Development in Agriculture in India", by Kunal Sinha, Formerly with CSSP

Vikas Kumar & Kunal Sinha. (2014) "Status and Prospect of Research and Development in Agriculture in India", Journal of Science Policy and Governance, 5(1).
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to investigate and summarize issues that are critical for agricultural Research and Development (R&D) and economic growth in the Republic of India. Specifically, the paper explores the role played by R&D in the modernization process and the interactions between agriculture and other economic sectors, the determinants of the Green Revolution and the foundations of agricultural growth, issues of income diversification by farmers, approaches to rural development, which have been at the root of the crisis in agricultural commodity volatility in recent years. Due to the scarcity of public funds for research in India, there is paradigm shift in agricultural R&D. The countries with a strong research system where various actors and networks are involved like India have initiated a number of reforms with an objective to diversify the sources of funding and increase research efficiency. Competitive funding, commercialization of technologies, strengthened intellectual property rights, facilitating regulations and flexible extension approach are some of the major reforms undertaken. This paper examines the outcomes of these reforms and draws lessons for other developing countries.

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