Monday, August 5, 2013

Journal of Scientometric Research releases its latest issue, ToC is given here

Journal of Scientometric Research

Table of Contents - Current issue

January-April 2013
Volume 2 | Issue 1
Page Nos. 1-82

Editorial                                        p. 1
Sujit Bhattacharya
Text mining for science and technology: A review - Part II-citation and discovery p. 3
Ronald N Kostoff
Dark energy: A scientometric mapping of publications     p. 15
Anil Sagar, Basavaraj Shivappa Kademani, Karanam Bhanumurthy

On the growth behavior of yearly citations of cumulative papers of individual authors     p. 30
Keshra Sangwal

Cahit Arf: Exploring his scientific influence using social network analysis, author co-citation maps and single publication h index                                                                    p. 37
Yasar Tonta, A Esra Özkan Çelik

R & D indicators and mapping of solar energy research output in India     p. 52
Malti Goel, Vandana Maurya, Pranav N Desai

Recent growth of scientific journals published in India: Some publishing and citation-related characteristics     p. 59
Keshra Sangwal
Understanding trends and changes in media coverage of nanotechnology in India     p. 70
Manish Anand, N Deepa

Analysis of Iranian and British university websites by world wide web consortium     p. 74
Abbas Doulani, Nadjla Hariri, Ali Rashidi

r-index: Quantifying the quality of an individual's scientific research output     p. 80
P. R. C. Rahul

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