Monday, April 29, 2013

Just published "India: Science and Technology" v.2

India: Science and Technology


Rs.3500 | $140 | PB | 600 Pages

ISBN: 9789382264743

Publisher: Cambridge University Press India

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In the modern globalized world, the economic development of a country is premised on its ability to develop, adapt and harness its potential to innovate. Most of the governments in developing and emerging economies, including India, are proactive in initiating policies that would promote a culture of innovation. India: Science & Technology, Volume 2 intends to identify the nature and extent of innovative activities in the country and the lacunae in the innovation support mechanism. It also suggests suitable S&T interventions in the policy matrix in order that India could come to the forefront in innovation activities. The book discusses following themes: • S&T and Human Resources • Innovation Support System • S&T and Industry • S&T Outputs and Patents • Rural Development and S&T Strategies While the content and approach of these themes differs, innovation occupies the centre stage in each of these themes. Salient features • Analysis of scenario of S&T education in India • Analysis of organizational arrangement for promotion of technological innovation • Facets of innovation activities in the realm of manufacturing and service sector • Nature of innovation activities in MSME sector • Intensity of knowledge creation and utilization • S&T strategy for poverty alleviation • S&T strategies for agri/farm-based livelihoods • S&T strategies for non-farm/rural industrial development

Unit 1: Science & Technology: Human Resource
Unit 2: Science & Technology and Innovation Support System
Unit 3: Science & Technology and Industry
Unit 4: Science & Technology: Output and Patents
Unit 5: S&T and Rural Development: Strategies and Capacities

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