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Lok Sabha Research Fellowship Scheme 2013

Lok Sabha Research Fellowship Scheme


Hon'ble Lok Sabha Speaker Smt. Meira Kumar has constituted the Fellowship Committee of the Lok Sabha to consider proposals for grant of Research Fellowships to interested scholars with a view to better understanding the functioning of the Parliament, to identify the changing nature of roie of Parliamentary institutions and to suggest alternatives in the light of the experience of the other democratic countries,

Download: Rules Relating to Award of Lok Sabha Fellowship


List of themes/topics of research

Role of Parliament

(i) In facilitating economic stability, especially in the context of economic liberalization and globalization.

(ii) In mitigating conflict-situations and facilitating national integration.

(iii) In ensuring environmental protection.

(iv) As agents of social change, equity and inclusive growth.

(v) In taking initiatives to address the scourge of terrorism.

(vi) In the protection and rehabilitation of vulnerable groups.

(vii) Contemporary challenges to parliament and its functioning, including frequent disruptions and adjournments.

(viii) Relationship between parliament and other organs of the state, including judiciary.

Parliament and People

(i) Parliament and the people: reinforcing democracy through accountability.

(ii) Parliament and women's empowerment.

(iii) Parliament and human rights.

(iv) Parliament and sustainable development.

(v) Parliament and the media: facilitating greater partnership towards strengthening democracy.

(vi) Parliament and millennium development goals.

Parliamentary Committees

Role of parliamentary committees in strengthening accountability mechanisms.

Parliamentary Forum  

Functioning of parliamentary forums in policy making and knowledge sharing.

Parliamentary and International Affairs

Parliamentary diplomacy and global peace including comparative studies of parliament of india with other foreign parliaments.

Parliament and its Heritage

(i) History of parliament of India.

(ii) Different aspects of heritage nature of parliament.

(iii) Comparative studies of parliament of India with other foreign parliaments with regard to its heritage nature.


More about LS Research Fellowship

Since 1996, two annual Research Fellowships, one each in Hindi and English and Fellowships for writing Monographs are being awarded by the Lok Sabha Secretariat with a view to promoting original studies on matters of parliamentary interest in one of the following fields, viz. (i) Parliamentary Institutions/ Systems (including State Legislatures) - Evolution and Development; (ii) Parliamentary Rules, Practices and Procedures; (iii) Committee System; (iv) Communication between Parliament and People; and (v) Modern Techniques of Service and Support Systems of Parliament.

A Fellowship Committee appointed by the Speaker invites applications, scrutinizes them and makes recommendations for the award of Fellowship. The Committee is assisted in all its work by the Press and Public Relations Wing. Since 1996, Seven Fellowships for writing books have been awarded in English and Hindi, to the scholars/media persons as detailed under : (i) Communication between Parliament and the People (in Hindi); (ii) Coalition Politics and its Impact on Parliamentary Institutions (in English); (iii) Role of Committee System of Indian Parliament in Development (in English); (iv) Impact of Live Telecast of Parliamentary Proceedings (in Hindi); (v) Intra - Governmental Relations in India (in English); (vi) Dynamics of Federalism in India (in English); (vii) Consensus or Confrontation - The Role of Parliament's Departmentally-Related Standing Committees (DRSCs) (in English).

Since 2001 three Fellowships for writing Monographs, in English and Hindi, on the following subjects, viz. (i) Lessons from the Stormy Debates in Indian Parliament (in English); (ii) The Role and Responsibility of Parliament in Nation Building (in English); and (iii) A Study of the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) in Himachal Pradesh (in English).

Download: Rules Relating to Award of Lok Sabha Fellowship

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