Sunday, September 2, 2012

CfPs: Congress of Philosophy and Foundations of Science XVII [CPFS-XVII '12]; Dec 17-21; New Delhi, India

Congress of Philosophy and Foundations of Science XVII [CPFS-XVII '12]
December 17-21, 2012
New Delhi, India

International Program 'Frontier Areas Research Excellence' of the The World Institute for Advanced Study, CPFS, New Delhi comprising eight Sections:
1. Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics (CAP)
2. Cognitive and Logical Aspects of Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CLAIM)
3. Genomics Revolution & Emerging Advances in Therapeutics (GREAT)
4. Neuroscientific Investigations of Conscious Experience (NICE)
5. Plenty of Room: Advances in Nanoscience (PRAN)
6. Quantum Uncertainty, Information, Communication & Knowledge (QUICK)
7. Sustaining Humanity: Opportunities, Risks and Threats (SHORT)
8. Unifying Natural Law: Advances and New Approaches (UNLANA)

The international program committee consists of WIAS Distinguished Visiting Professors, CPFS Faculty Associates and Members of the Board of Advisers. The program will combine keynote lectures, plenary lectures, symposia and workshops by leading practitioners. Interested specialists and researchers who wish to contribute papers (20 minute presentations) or posters should contact the Convener, Prof. Ranjit Nair, Director CPFS by e-mailing Submissions may be made directly via the following webpage which will be read by all members of the Programme Committee. Decisions will be communicated within a fortnight of receipt of abstracts 300-500 words long, which must arrive no later than the extended deadline 30 September 2012. Invited and contributed papers must be received by 30 November 2012 for the publication to be available at the Congress.

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