Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Books of Pawan Sikka "Nuclear Crises in Japan: Lessons for India" and “Planning in India: Scientific Developments with National Five-Year Plans”

Sikka, Pawan (2012). Nuclear Crises in Japan: Lessons for India. New Delhi: Uppal Publishing. ISBN 13: 978-81-7658-068-7. INR 995/-

In the aftermath of the triple disaster – tsunami, earthquake and nuclear meltdown – in Japan, "safety of the nuclear power plants" has come under fire world-wide. The developing world including India needs to reconsider the locations of its nuclear plants before their installations in the country. With India focused entirely on growth, it is unprepared for such a devastation but has an ambitious projection of 6,55,000 MW nuclear energy generation capacity by 2050. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India has ordered undertaking the review of safety of all the (present and future) nuclear plants in India towards attaining peace and prosperity of the nation.

This book "Nuclear Crises in Japan: Lessons for India", is a companion volume to our earlier book "Nuclear Powered India, Indo-US Deal: NSG Clearance, Ushering in a New Dawn of the 21st Century". Both these books provide ready reference material to the students, researchers, nuclear policy planners, sociologists, history of science, environmentalists etc as they contain latest information on the status of the future of nuclear energy programmes in India and the lessons to be learnt from Japan. We have a duty to base our judgments on the best available information.

While we safeguard our interest, we do not miss on opportunities to become a major player in the global energy sector. A rewarding exercise towards a nuclear future of India.


Sikka, Pawan (2012). Planning in India: Scientific Developments with National Five-Year Plans. New Delhi: Uppal Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-81-7658-070-0. INR 995/-

Planning for Science and Technology (S&T) has become an important part of the national agenda, and, linking S&T with the national development, is a subject of increasing concern all over the world, which has gained momentum with the emerging scientific and technological revolution in the 21st century.

Planned development of Science and technology has played a vital role in the emergence of modern India, by devising and implementing new strategies for solving the emerging national problems, thus employing the combined strength of S&T with the socio-economic sectors. The utilisation of S&T has been accepted as one of the major national objectives towards attaining the overall progress in India.

"Planning in India: Scientific Developments with National Five-Year Plans", covers planning for science and technology, as an integral component of the India's National Five-Year Plans, from the very first five-year plan (1951-56) till date. The continuity of the planning process has created renewed national interest in the shaping of science in India. Besides, statistical profile as well as, budget-allocations for implementing the newer programmes and national policy declarations enacted from time to time, for the promotion of science and technology, which can be taken as an indication of national commitment towards the socio- economic development of India.

A useful reference book for the policy planners, researchers, science policy analysts, scientific establishments, industry, social-scientists, economists, public administrators, etc as well as, for a cross-section of the academicians, both in India and abroad. It is a unique book.


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