Thursday, February 9, 2012

Article "Uncommon Identities: Approaching the Aadhar (UID) Scheme as a Digital Commons" by Ravi Shukla of CSSP

Uncommon Identities: Approaching the Aadhar (UID) Scheme as a Digital Commons

Ravi Shukla

Common Voices, Issue 8, 2011

One of the thumb rules in the design and implementation of large technical systems is the inclination to keep the social problem distinct from the technical one. However, since the two are generally interrelated, it often results in efforts to address the social problem by solving the technical one.
Technically, while a more detailed feasibility study is in order, given current standards and tools for exchanging information across diverse systems, as well as the extensive mobile communication infrastructure available, it may be more feasible to implement community based smaller, scalable systems. These systems may interface with, and periodically populate, a central database with basic identity information while still retaining ownership of the more detailed data.

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