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Call for Papers: Collaboration in International & Comparative Librarianship in Honour of Prof. S B Ghosh

Collaboration in International & Comparative Librarianship

Susmita Chakraborty
North Bengal University, India

Anup Kumar Das 
CSSP, Jawaharlal National University, India

Call for Chapters:
Proposals Submission Deadline: January 15, 2012
Full Chapters Due: March 7, 2012

This book on documenting international collaborations in the LIS field wishes to pay tribute to the lifelong contributions of Prof. S B Ghosh of India. Prof. Ghosh was former Professor and Head at Indira Gandhi National Open University and member of several IFLA sections.

International Advisory Board: 
Renowned LIS scholars of international acclaim form the Editorial Advisory Board. Their valuable suggestions are going to enrich this volume to a great extent.

The International Advisory Board is composed of the following members:

1.    Prof. Dan Dorner, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
2.   Prof. A. Neelameghan, Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science,Bangalore, India 
3.    Prof. Anna Maria Tammaro, University of Parma, Italy 
4.   Prof. Gary E. Gorman, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5.   Prof. G. G. Chowdhury, Centre for Information and Knowledge Management,University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
6.  Prof. Jaideep Sharma, School of Social Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India 
7. Dr. Dinesh Gupta, Dept. of Lib. & Inf. Sc.,  Vardhaman Mahavihar Open University, Kota, Rajasthan, India
8. Dr. Deva B. Eswara Reddy, Texas A & M University, Texas, United States
9. Diljit Singh,  Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya, Malaysia

The Rationale behind the Book:
This book is an effort to document the many instances of collaborations in the international LIS scenario as well as to honour the lifelong contributions of Prof. (Dr.) S B Ghosh, the former Professor and Head of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Prof. Ghosh is one of the LIS scholars who are truly international in character. He has travelled widely all over the globe on academic purposes, taught in the universities of many countries, published scholarly articles in various journals and held responsible positions in national and international professional bodies. He is a Member of Standing Committee of SET and RSCAO of IFLA. Now is the right time to bring out a Volume of scholarly articles in honour of his long and worthy contribution to the field of Library & Information Science.
 We, the editors of this proposed volume, have chosen the field of International librarianship as befitting to the truly cosmopolitan and international outlook & work of Dr. S B Ghosh.

Scope of the Work:
With the advent of the Bologna Process, the importance of International librarianship has become a reality. One salient feature after the Bologna Declaration is the collaborative effort of the universities in UK and Italy. It has given credence to the level of cooperation and mutual exchange that can be achieved at the international level. Since then, many such instances have happened or are being nurtured for future occurrence. 
International librarianship consists of activities carried out among or between  governmental or non-governmental institutions, organizations, groups or individuals of two or more nations, to promote, establish, develop, maintain and evaluate library, documentation and allied services, and librarianship and the library profession generally, in any part of the world.

People Involvement: 
 This proposed volume will have contributions from LIS scholars from all over the globe. Our general idea is to include contributions from the teaching faculties of Departments of Library & Information Science of all continents. We also wish to include contributions from the leading LIS practitioners working in the academic/research/public libraries in different countries. Contributions coming from different professional organisations in the library & information science field are also very welcome. 

Expected Audience:
We hope that the outcome will be a scholarly reference work for the use of Gaduate and Post Graduate Students, Researchers, Teachers, LIS Administrators as well as all other activist and stakeholders of the concerned field.

This book is scheduled to be published by IGI Global (formerly Idea Group Inc.), publisher of the "Information Science Reference" (formerly Idea Group Reference), "Medical Information Science Reference," "Business Science Reference," and "Engineering Science Reference" imprints. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit This publication is anticipated to be released in 2013.

Recommended Topics:
Collaboration at an international level can be written about from many perspectives, including (but not exclusive to) one or more of the following broader topic areas:

  • Comparative Librarianship: Theories, Techniques, Technologies, Socio-economic factors, etc.
  • International Librarianship: Theories, Techniques, Technologies, Socio-economic-cultural factors, etc.
  • Influence of factors outside the LIS domain having significant contributions 
  • South-South Cooperation and North-South Cooperation
  • Learning from Developing Countries 
  • Learning from Developed Countries 
  • International and Bilateral Aid Programs
  • Internationalisation of LIS Education
  • Global Role of Open Source Software in Information Management 
  • Role of Cultural & Information Agencies
  • Role of Philanthropic Foundations
  • Role of Specific Programs (such as Book Donations)  
  • Role of International Non-Governmental Organisations in LIS
  • Role of Regional/ National LIS Organisations 
  • Role of Specialised International Organisations
  • Collaborative authorship (papers) in LIS
  • Role of regional and international conferences in LIS subjects
  • Social networking on a regional / global scale among LIS professionals

Submission Deadlines:
Proposal Submission Deadline: January 15, 2012
Proposal Acceptance Notification: February 15, 2012
Full chapter Submission: March 30, 2012
Review Results to Authors: April 30, 2012
Revised Chapter Submission: May 30, 2012
Submission Guidelines:
Chapter Proposals in the form of extended abstracts of about 500 words as MS Word or RTF files are to be submitted to the editors by February 15, 2012.
Authors of the accepted proposals should send the full chapters to the editors in 8 1/2 x 11-inch pages, and figures, tables and charts in the following form and content:

 Text Format: .doc or .rtf
 Image Format: .tiff (tables/graphs, etc. along with text as well as separate .tiff files as   attachments)
 Reference Format: APA Style

The Authors will provide the manuscript text in electronic format as MS Word or RTF files and separate files for each figure saved in .tiff format. The Author will also provide hard copies of any chapters making excessive use of equations or symbols.

Review Process: 
The Proposals and Submitted Chapters will be subjected to blind peer review process and suggestions of reviewers should be incorporated by the authors. 

Submission Instructions:
LIS professionals willing to contribute chapters are requested to send Chapter Proposals to the editors by 15th January 2012 to 

Complimentary Copies:
The First Author will receive a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher and 40% discount on any further copy.

Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically (Word document):

Dr. Susmita Chakraborty
Mobile Phone: 91-9830710918
Department of Library & Information Science, 
North Bengal University, India


Dr. Anup Kumar Das 
CSSP, Jawaharlal National University
New Delhi, India

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