Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Published "Unsung Innovators of Kashmir" by Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad

"Unsung Innovators of Kashmir" by Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad (M.Phil Student, Centre for Studies in Science Policy, School of Social Sciences). Srinagar: Gulshan Books, 2011. ISBN: 978-81-8339-120-7. Price: Rs. 495/-



Political turmoil of past couple of decades in Kashmir has affected more or less every sphere of life in the valley. Besides the physical and material costs, the psychological impact of the conflict too has been very profound. However, even in the face of psychologically stressful situations, over the years, there have been other changes as well in Kashmir that have influenced the innovation ecosystem somehow .As of now, the situation is not so pleasing although it is not hopeless. My effort in compiling all my stories on unsung innovators of Kashmir in a book form is a small endeavor to prove all those people wrong who think that the people of Kashmir can't be innovative either.



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MUZAFFAR said...

The book “Unsung innovators of Kashmir” by S. Fayaz Ahmad is an elegant study of Grass-root innovations in Kashmir. The author has toiled his best in order to compile the facts and details about the innovative actions happening inside a deeply violence victimized valley. In a lucid manner he has tried to bring to fore the nuances of “creative space” in Kashmir and endeavored to show that even if the turmoil of last twenty years has desecrated the “Sufi land”, Kashmiris have still manged to be innovators. Thus delivering a message of optimism for the future of Kashmiri students and public. The author has for a good reason focused his study on scientific innovations rather then cultural innovations. For focusing on cultural innovations could have taken the study on a different plane altogether, making it a study on socio-cultural progress, thus haunting its larger aim. However the author has been too narrow in his research as he has completely omitted the innovation activities from Ladakh and Kargil. Including Innovations from these areas could have made the study more comprehensive and expansive. This volume will be invaluable for students and researchers interested in mapping the grass-root innovation ecosystem in Kashmir.