Friday, November 4, 2011

JNU Lecture on Climate Change by Prof. Arun K. Attri, SES at Committee Room, SSS-1, on 16 November, 3.00 pm

JNU Seminar Series


Towards lnterdisciplinarity


Lecture on

Climate Change


Prof. Arun K. Attri

School of Environmental Sciences


Chair:                  Prof. V.V. Krishna, CSSP, SSS

Discussant:          Dr. Rohan D'Souza, CSSP, SSS

Venue:                 Committee Room, School of Social Sciences

Date:                    16th November, 2011

Time:                   3.00 pm


The JNU Seminar Series addresses the challenge of interdisciplinarity. Specifically, it seeks to enable, sustain and nurture dialogues across disciplines. This initiative intends to close the gap between the 'two cultures' within JNU and aims to generate and energize research ideas and ways of thinking about knowledge and scholarship.


The seminar series will invite faculty members from various Schools to present key ideas on cutting edge concerns in their respective fields. These interactions by speaking to general audiences will strive to evolve common languages for research and contemplation, while crafting academic possibilities for interdisciplinary efforts. In thus forging fresh and creative academic bonds between the 'two cultures', research and teaching in JNU will produce an innovative learning frontier.

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