Monday, September 19, 2011

CfPs: "ICRA Bulletin: Money & Finance"

Call for Papers : ICRA Bulletin: Money & Finance

The ICRA Bulletin: Money & Finance invites original, previously-unpublished research papers on topics related to macroeconomics, money, banking and finance for publishing. The text of the paper should be comprehensible to the non-specialist reader; mathematical and technical details, if any, in support of the analysis and policy conclusions in the text may be placed in an appendix. Authors will receive an honorarium of Rs. 25,000 for every paper that is published in the journal. The word count for a paper, including the abstract, notes and references, should not exceed 11,000. All graphs and charts accompanying a paper should have been prepared in MS Office (Word/Excel).
Please send your paper, along with an author bio, to
Prof. Mihir Rakshit, Editor-in-Chief, at [preferred],
at Director, Monetary Research Project, ICRA Limited, B 245, Lake Gardens, Ground Floor, Kolkata 700045.

The decision of the Editor-in-Chief on whether or not to publish any research paper will be final.

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