Thursday, July 21, 2011

Publications of Office of Adviser to the PM Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations

Publications of Office of Adviser to the Prime Minister Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations
  • Industry Innovation Clusters: Draft Concept Paper. The National Innovation Council (NInC) has undertaken efforts to seed strengthen and sustain Industry Innovation Clusters. This note discusses the existing ecosystem in the country and details the proposed interventions of the NInC for fostering a culture of innovations. Download Fulltext PDF
  • University Innovation Clusters: Draft Concept Paper.This paper examines the need for seeding, strengthening and sustaining Innovation Clusters in Indian Universities. Universities are acknowledged as the knowledge and innovation torch bearers globally. Download Fulltext PDF
  • Towards a More Inclusive and Innovative India: Strategy Paper. Strategy Paper on Creating a Roadmap for a 'Decade of Innovation'. Download Fulltext PDF
  • National Innovation Council: An Introduction. PM has constituted a National Innovation Council with distinguished members from various fields. The NInC will seek to create a strategy for fostering innovations at the National, State and sectoral levels by focusing on five key parameters: Platform, Inclusion, Eco-system, Drivers and Discourse. Download Booklet
  • Innovation in India, by National Knowledge Commission, 2007. Download Full-text PDF
Innovation Manifestos
  • Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology, by Knowledge in Civil Society (KICS), India. Download Full-text PDF
  • Innovation, Sustainability, Development: A New Manifesto, by STEPS Centre, UK, 2010. Download Full-text PDF
Other Relevant Documents
  • Unleashing India's Innovation: Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Edited by Mark A. Dutz, The World Bank, 2007. Download Full-text PDF
  • The Protection and Utilisation of Public Funded Intellectual Property Bill 2008. (Indian version of the Bayh-Dole Act). Download Full-text PDF.
  • Analytical Legislative Briefs of the Protection and Utilisation of Public Funded Intellectual Property Bill 2008. Download Brief1, Brief2, Brief3
  • Results Framework Document (RFD) for Department of Science and Technology (2010-2011). Download Full-text PDF
  • The National Innovation Act of 2008. Download Full-text PDF 

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