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CfP:: National Workshop on "Women in Scientific Research - Examining the Challenges and Identifying their Needs" at NEHU, Shillong

National Workshop on "Women in Scientific Research - Examining the Challenges and Identifying their Needs"

21 October, 2011

Hosted by Department of Anthropology, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

Catalyzed and Supported by National Council for Science & Technology Communication, DST, New Delhi

A National Workshop, on the theme "Women in Scientific Research – Examining the Challenges and Identifying their Needs" will be held at the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. The objective of the workshop is to comprehend and record the different situations most working women confront in day-to-day life. This in turn is expected to facilitate an understanding of the different challenges women scientists face in pursuing their professions and allow a discussion on the 'real' requirements of women scientists/ professionals in the contemporary age of liberalization and globalization.

Women participation in science in India is quite low, even though there is no apparent professional gender discrimination in our country. Therefore, efforts are being made to understand the challenges women scientists actually face and what their real needs are. This initiative, taken by the DST which is one of the principal sponsoring agencies for scientific research, may help concerned policy makers in formulating governing rules in such a way that women's practical needs are taken care of and the present and future women scientists of the country do not find it such an uphill task to pursue a career in scientific research. The challenges faced by women scientists are much the same as those faced by all working women, and it is hoped that this workshop on examination of challenges and identification of needs may help benefit all those women who aspire to have a meaningful professional career.

Participant may be any member of society who is (i) interested in the issue, (ii) social thinker, (iii) working woman, (iv) student, (v) research scholar, (vi) teacher, (vii) woman scientist, and/ or (viii) policy planner/ maker.
Women, who could not pursue their career (in any specialization or training) even after adequate education, are specially invited to participate and share their thoughts on this issue, which might help in providing useful solutions to this current global problem. The intention of the workshop is to also provide a platform for analysis, which may provide pathways for converting challenges into opportunities.

  • Analyzing why women do not opt for the profession of scientific research
  • Examining the challenges faced by women scientists/ women professionals
  • Social problems faced by working women
  • Impact of marriage on career and profession
  • Bringing up children – addressing the concerns of working mothers
  • Identifying the needs of women scientists
  • Women friendly scientific policies and programmes

§ Research-based/ thought-provoking/ experience-based papers on any of the issues given above.
§ Paper must be within a single-page in the format given.
§ Paper must contain (i) name (ii) designation (iii) address of participant, (iv) topic (chosen from list of sub-themes), (v) brief discussion of the topic according to one's own understanding of the issue with suggested solutions, wherever appropriate.
§ One participant may submit more than one papers, however each paper must be in context of only one particular sub-theme.
§ Some select papers will be chosen for oral presentation and all remaining accepted papers will be brought out for discussion during the workshop.
§ Accepted papers will be compiled and submitted to DST, New Delhi.

Deadline date for abstract submission: 15th September, 2011
Accepted abstract(s) will be informed: 30th September 2011
Deadline date for full paper submission: 14th October 2011

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