Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Awakening Aesthetic Awareness Workshop at Kerala: The holistic way of being in the world.

Awakening Aesthetic Awareness : The holistic way of being in the world.

're integrating art, science and language'

're integrating work, play and learn'

're integrating intuition and reasoning'

're integrating the mind and body'

're integrating the feminine and masculine'

'becoming PRESENT to the moment'

Why we should awaken the sense of beauty within ourselves? The retreat/workshop is an attempt to repair the psychological, physiological and cognitive damages done by modern institutions (schools, market and hospital) and culture. Schools makes us in to rigid, mechanical and second hand beings, ready to serve or to order as we learn 'authority' at schools. Authority of teacher, authority of knowledge. Another damage is the inability for creativity as we loose our intuitive ability because of over use of logic and dependency on memorized knowledge. The reasoning ability is often used to reason away, to maintain status quo of our rigid and static mind. Since our link to the world is through text our experience is textualised.


16th to 20th February 2011 (Wednesday to Sunday)


Nilambur, Malapuram, KERALA, India


Beauty is the most fundamental of human existence. Beauty is what truly makes one authentic. Beauty is what binds us to the external world. Senses are our doors to knowledge and beauty. Consciously learning to experience the beauty of the world by seeing, touching, feeling.


Engaging with nature, Habit breaking, Dialogues, silence, reflection, sharing, Sensitizing senses, Awakening of aesthetic sense is brought in as a central issue. making, drawing, seeing, listening This helps them to move away from 'rational' mind to some extent.


Anyone who wants to reclaim the authentic natural learning process and creativity. This could help Parents and teachers to enable them to see children's real potential and to enable them to let children be.


Rs 7,500 to be paid by 20th January 2011 along with the registration form. Any contributions over and above the basic registration fees are welcome to support those who can't pay. (Fees also includes stay and food)


Simple stay will be arranged in a neat hotel in Nilambur town and food will be Kerala traditional home food.


Nilambur is 70 km from Calicut, 100 km from Palghat and Trichur railway stations. 45 km from Calicut airport. Passenger trains run between Nilambur railway station and Shornur. Contact for more details.


Email:, mobile 09447121544 or 09995495325.

Postal address: Surabhi, S.N.Park, Thrissur, Kerala - 680004, India

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