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Public Diplomacy in the Information Age: International Conference and Workshops

Public Diplomacy in the Information Age: International Conference and Workshops
10-11 December 2010
Venue: Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi

Organized by: Public Diplomacy Division of Ministry of External Affairs & CMS Academy of Communication and Convergence Studies
In today’s globalised world, people to people diplomacy is playing an important role in international relations. In the new media and communication regime, this form of diplomacy challenges general understanding and practice of foreign policy issues. In this scenario, the concept of "public diplomacy" can create new opportunities and avenues.
"Public Diplomacy" deals with the influence of public attitudes on the formation and execution of foreign policies. It encompasses dimensions of international relations beyond traditional diplomacy; the interaction of institutions, civil society groups and interests in one country with those of another; the reporting of foreign affairs and its impact on policy; communication between those whose job is communication, as between diplomats and foreign correspondents; and the processes of inter-cultural communications.
The concept and usage of public diplomacy is relatively new in our country. Public Diplomacy is guided process not just specific events or initiatives. It is conducted and expressed thru various means and channels – open ended and moderated. New communication tools and technologies are now being used to create a better dialogue in Public Diplomacy attempts to sensitize and influence think tanks, universities, media and experts to create a more nuanced understanding of the government’s stance on key foreign policy issues.
Many governments, including India (May of 2006, India's Ministry of External Affairs established a new Public Diplomacy Office), have now set up Public Diplomacy Office aimed to educate and influence global and domestic opinion on key policy issues and project a better image of the country. Both are process orientated and dynamic goals.
This Conference and Workshop is being organised to further understand the experience and trends in this sector and to understand the full potential and usage of public diplomacy within the overall international relations strategy of the government.
The purpose of this conference is to understand the role and relevance of public diplomacy in the changing communication and media scenario. The proliferation of media along with new media tools has changed the way diplomacy is practiced. The conference will highlight both the challenges and opportunities of this changing communication order for Public Diplomacy practitioners and scholars.
  • Planning and Evaluating Public Diplomacy Strategies and Programs by Prof Eytan Gilbao, Director of the Center for International Communication, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.
  • The Al Jazeera Effect- How the New Global Media Are Reshaping World Politics by Dr. Philip Sieb, professor of journalism and public diplomacy at the University of Southern California
  • The Concept of Nation Branding by Prof. Nicholas Cull, Professor of Public Diplomacy and Director of the Masters Program in Public Diplomacy at the ASC at USC.


  • Dr Nirupama Rao, Foreign Secretary, GOI
  • Dr Shashi Tharoor, MP
  • Prof Nick Cull, Professor of Public Diplomacy and Director of the Masters Program in Public Diplomacy at the ASC at USC
  • Dr Philip Seib, Professor of Journalism and Public Diplomacy and Professor of International Relations at the USC
  • Mr Nik Gowing, BBC Presenter
  • Prof Eytan Gilboa, Director, Center for International Communication, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Last Date for registration : November 25, 2010
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