Sunday, August 8, 2010

CSSP Working Paper "Globalisation, Innovation and Social Capital: Changing Nature of Indo-French S&T Cooperation"

CSSP Electronic Working Paper Series on S&T Policy and Innovation Studies
ISSN: 0976-2051

The CSSP Electronic Working Paper Series (EWPS) is intended to explore and debate themes in science, technology and innovation studies. While drawing into active dialogue of leading scholars and practitioners who share similar concerns, this effort will reflect the academic priorities of the CSSP.

Working Paper No. CSSPEWPS 2
Globalisation, Innovation and Social Capital: Changing Nature of Indo-French S&T Cooperation

Pranav N. Desai (Centre for Studies in Science Policy, JNU, India)

April 2010

Abstract: The present paper is an attempt to explore whether the Globalisation process has enhanced the significance of social capital as an explanatory variable of innovation. The focus of present paper is on the international dimensions of innovation policies that are likely to influence not only international investment decisions and competitive strategy but also technological change and development process. An attempt is made to analyze the changing nature of Indo-French S&T cooperation in the wider context of the Globalisation of innovation process and whether any discontinuity is likely to be introduced in the collaboration pattern and international cooperation policy. India and France provide an interesting background for the study of the same as India and France are emerging as major global players.

Working Paper No. CSSPEWPS 1
How Law Makes Technoscience: The Shaping of Expectations, Actors and Accountabilities in Regenerative Medicine in Europe
Alex Faulkner (King's College London, UK)
March 2010
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